Widowhood Love and the BAE Phenomenon

WSN-MO: A Few Minutes with Terrell Whitener Next month I will experience the sixth anniversary of my wife Robyn’s death. Over the almost two years that I have had the privilege of sharing my thoughts with you brothers, I have admitted that I have discovered that I feel that I know very little about women.Continue reading “Widowhood Love and the BAE Phenomenon”

Love, Roses and Marilyn Monroe

One of my wife’s favorite books near the end of her life was “Joe and Marilyn” by C. David Heymann. Susan was fascinated by the tumultuous love story between Marilyn Monroe and baseball star Joe DiMaggio. We would often sit out on our patio sipping wine while Susan read several sections of the book toContinue reading “Love, Roses and Marilyn Monroe”

A Widow’s Perspective: Grief Talk

The Phantom Spouse-myth or reality? It has been said, “Losing a spouse is like losing a limb.”; let’s explore the validity of this statement. Drawing from my personal experience, the similarities are uncanny. Both situations leave you without something or someone vital to your survival; that is unequivocal. After an amputation, an amputee continues toContinue reading “A Widow’s Perspective: Grief Talk”

“A rose by any other name”

Joyce was always my biggest cheerleader. Many years ago, she encouraged me to become a Master Gardener. The process was a great experience and I learned a lot. Joyce loved our garden. She was proud of my work, and I delighted in creating a beautiful space for us. In the past several weeks, I’ve spentContinue reading ““A rose by any other name””